Rogue Squadron

Foxglove Manor
Requiem for the dead
  • continue down great hallway of the decrepit manor
    • 200 ft long, 20 feet wide with dining area at back, lit by stained glass window at end
  • large mummified monkey head mounted on wall, a bell is fastened to its mouth
  • Grizzly examies the bell and determines that it is a magical device
  • attaches a rope to the drawstring and pulls once the group has exited the room
    • the monkey emits a ear-splitting Siminian shriek, followed by stark silence
  • also of note, a ratty throw rug partially covers a large mouldy stain on the floor
    • mould appears in circular display, 10 ft across; the mildewy/multi-colored mould effects a spiral pattern, viewed from above it appears like a spiral staircase descending down, each step littered with skulls and bones
  • the stain glass window has many panes, each depicting a monstrosity
    • gnarled tree with enraged face
    • immense hook-beaked bird, sky blue and gold
    • winged centaur – a lion’s lower body, a snarling woman’s upper body
    • deep blue, squid like creature with evil red eyes
  • the companions continue upstairs to the second floor and find themselves in a hall; multiple doors appear before them
  • Duce choses the first right – the group finds a child’s room; of interest – a toybox in the centre of the room as well as a large fireplace
    • Grizzly investigates the toybox – while examining the lock, he receives the briefest vision, from a child’s eye, of a mother & father fighting to the death; the father has festering tumors, the mother is enraged; the child understands that it is next
    • the large fireplace provides nothing of not
  • next room on the right has double doors – it leads to a musician’s gallery; there are stain glass windows against the far wall containing a diverse array of images
    • pale and ghostly large scorpion
    • gaunt man with a dozen bats hanging from arms
    • moth with skull-like depictions on wings
    • dull green-colored plants with bell shaped flowers
    • young maiden sitting on a well in a forest setting, a spider dangles above her
  • the next door leads to a bedroom caked in dark mildewy blue-green mould
  • the door at the end of the hall opens to a washroom; an iron tub fills the middle of the room, the floor sags with its weight; the companions do not enter
  • down a side hallway, the next door opens to another bedroom – it is filled with fine furniture and decorations
    • everything is painstakingly destroyed with the exception of one portrait on the wall untouched, turned backwards
    • Grizzly turns the painting around to gaze upon the image of a lady – each party member reacts differently to the picture, from a sudden wave of sadness, to vengeful fear/animosity, to building rage; Grizzly does not see a resemblance to the mother figure in his brief vision
  • continuing on, the next door is locked
    • opposite the musician’s gallery is another set of double doors – the large antechamber is filled with paintings, each obscured by cobwebs; double doors leads out of the room
    • the doors lead to a bedroom in better repair than most i.e. there is little mould etc.
    • there is a dark stain on the desk overlooking a window
  • return to the antechamber and remove cobwebs from various paintings
    • man who bears resemblance to Darren Foxglove in out-of-style nobles clothes, a plaque identifies him as Vorl Foxglove
    • a stern faced woman with grey wisps in flowing blue dress – does not resemble either woman seen before; her plague reads Cassanda Foxglove
    • a child, assumed to be daughter; clothes appear to be from same time-frame as others, she has blond hair and is named as Lorey Foxglove
    • a man similar with similar features as Vorl, tall and thin with narrow face and moustache; his name is Travers Foxglove
      • Grizzly recognizes him as the quarllesome father
    • a young woman with long hair and impish smile names Surley Foxglove
      • also recognized as the mother figure that was fighting
    • the next picture is Darren as a child
    • there are also images of two daughters, Sendily and Xeva
  • Duce shreds the paintings in a self-induced rage; there is a sudden drop in temperature, frost crystalizes on the wall, breath appears in white puff
    • the paintings begin to re-form but with altered images
    • Cassandra and Lorey’s bodies slump, Travers grows pale and a slit forms across his throat, Surley blackens and twists as if burnt, Darren’s flesh darkens and turns grey, he becomes deformed and ghoul-like, the sisters frost over until they are no longer visible
    • Vorl is the last to change, the portrait erupts in a sudden explosion of fungus that pours into the room; the companions are forced to retreat
  • mould appears on the arm of Duce, he quickly wraps it in cloth-strips
  • the companions retreat to back bedroom; the bed looks sleepable, the desk has a silver handled dagger that was not there before
    • Grizzly suddenly feels conviction that he just killed the person that he loved; despair fills him and grabs the dagger in an attemp to jam it into his neck
    • his other hand catches the blade as it flashes towards his neck; the dagger suddenly appears as a splinter of the desk leg
  • the dark stain on the desk appears to be blood
  • the companions cross the now mould-strewn antechamber in mid–sprint and return to hallway
  • the last door which leads to a narrow stairway back to the dining room below
  • returning to the locked door, Grizzly examines the lock but is unable to figure out the mechanism; as Grizzly attempts to open, Duce busts down the door; a stairway leads to the attic
  • the group ascends to a low-celining, winding hallway with several doors
  • the first door opens to a small room filled with repair supplies, patches of sky can be seen through a saggy roof in extreme state of disrepair
  • following the winding hallway, the companions find three more doors – two lead to store rooms with foodstuffs
    • the food is not to old, meaning that someone likely stayed here in recent months
  • as the companions examine the room, a shriek can be heard from emanating from the end of the hall
  • the group continues to the door at end of hall – an unmistakable female sobbing can be heard behind the locked door
    • Duce and Chunk clobber the door and enter
    • the door opens to a woman, very cleary undead, that is reminiscent of the portrait that was turned around downstairs; she is hunched over and crying in front of a mirror, sobbing uncontrollably and unresponsive
    • stricken with her image, Chunk breaks the mirror and she comes out of her trance
    • “Darren, I can smell your fear. You will be in my arms soon!”
  • she attempts to leave the room, clearly not seeing the group
    • Chunk grabs her arm and the others attempt to assist him in grappling her; she rears her head back and shrieks – the characters take a step back, stricken, and she storms from the room
  • the companions follow her downstairs as she heads directly to spiral staircase of mould
  • she pucnches through the floor, tearing up the boards with ease
    • Duce, excited, assists her with the destruction
  • she clamors through the floor to the basement
  • the group follows and drops into a rough, cavern-like room, the floor is stone tile
    • there is a large dug out hole revealing an ancient stone staircase leading down into the bedrock below; the lady immediately storms down the stairs
  • as the group follows, they are met by a sudden stench of rotting flesh
  • Duce suddenly begins thrashing on the ground
    • he sees a a vision of Darren, filthy and wide-eyed, digging; he is murming “this is for you”; after a mighty strike, a hoard of shrieking ghouls clambers from the ground and yank him into the darkness below; his arms shoot out of the darkness and pull you with him
    • wounds appear on Duce`s chest as his body reacts to the imagined ghouls, ripping him apart – as the other companions calm him, they notice that he is covered in festery clawmarks
  • the stairs lead to a limestone cavern, swabs of black and blue mould grow on the floor and ceiling, bone and skulls litter the floor
    • rhythmic breathing, like an animal, echo from three tunnels that lead from the cavern
    • two tunnels are old, and one appears newer – the group finds a faint trail leading through the central tunnel, one of the older ones
  • the group pushs forward in an attempt to catch up with the undead noble
  • the tunnel branches and the companions follow the noble’s trail
    • the path widens to 10 ft with a higher ceiling as the group happens upon a t-intersection
    • ghouls set upon them as they round the corner – a large battle ensues, ending in many undead bodies around the feet of the companions
    • the melee takes its tool – each of the noble heroes appear fevered
  • the stalwart companions continue on down the path – it leads to a particularly mouldy area, pick axes strewn about
  • Grizzly, identifying one of superior quality, investigates, only to set off a cloud of mould spoors
Scarecrow Dosey Doe
Fashionably late to the barn party
No Asylum at the Sanitarium
Wanted: basement apartment for mature necromancer
  • large melee, many zombies dispatched
  • Chunk follows the warden down the stairs, comes under magical attack
    • he manages to resist the effects of several spells while fighting off zombies and carrying the warden’s unconscious body to safety
  • most of the party is affected by nauseating gas that originated in the basement
  • Bernice stabilizes the warden and Grizzly uses a wand to heal him
  • the companions interrogate the orderlies, warden and Grayst
    • Grayst babbles on about the Lordship, then ‘turns’
    • Bernice came from the glassworks
    • warden and Grayst had been witness to murders
    • wizard knew of Grayst and was excited to get hands on him
    • wizard is actually a necromancer, sublets the basement from the warden; has been here for some time.
    • ask about ‘misgivings’ – it is a local landmark but the warden doesn’t know anything about it
    • inscribing of the 7 point star has something to do with the pack; the pack hangs out at the misgivings
    • haven’t seen any muddy footprints leaving the asylum
    • definitely not Grayst’s footprints that we saw at the crime scene
  • party decides to go back and confront the necromancer
    • the necromancer is long gone through backdoor
    • search his room – notice a table with slots in the leg that contains a unidentified wand
    • also find some books about necromancy in bedroom
  • party then decides to investigate the upper floors of the asylum
  • get keys to locked doors from warden
  • 10×5 cells, find old blind farmer – he knows nothing
  • top floor contains examination room
    • some sick shit in vice grips
    • locked behind iron door is a humanoid with a rat’s head
  • with warden in tow, we head back to town at night
  • rugged road, green farmlands
  • single torch ahead; it’s the Sandpoint watch
  • figure runs out of the darkness full tilt with a farmer’s hat on, crazy and rambling; recognize him from Bradly’s barn
  • tells story about the farmer community getting together at the Hamley farm to discuss the evil ongoings in area; decide to confront and many farmers getting slaughtered and eaten
    • seems he’s the only survivor; reeks like booze
  • alleges that the farmers were attacked by zombies
  • direct Sandpoint guard to get the Sherriff to deal with the remaining asylum residents while we head to Hamley’s farm
  • farmer advises that the misgivings is the ‘place up the coast’ where no one has ever been; it’s a manor house
  • on the way to Hamley’s farm, we spot a figure ahead; it is a scarecrow, but it is moving
  • Duce greets it and it whimpers
    • humanoid, appears to be crucified
  • Duce unhinges the creature who adopts fetal position
  • he pulls back burlap hood to reveal disfigured/decomposing face of a woman
  • Bernice identifies illness as an affliction cause by ghouls – ghoul fever
  • woman whimpers, “the pack will eat you”, Duce puts her out of her misery
  • continue straight through the crossroads
  • path splits and there are scarecrow shapes can be seen on either side
CSI Sandpoint
Mayhem at the mill
  • begin in town of Sandpoint, a sleepy hamlet on the Varisian coast
    • 4 founding families: Scarnetti, Kiyjitsu, Deveran and Valdemar
  • townsfolk are indebted to the companions for the work they did at the mine; many lost family members have been returned
  • as the group is enjoying another free dinner at the local pub, the Sheriff Hemlock tracks them down and explains he requires their unique talents – seems there has been a murder
  • Sheriff advises it is second such murder scene – first was a triple homicide just outside of town at Bradley’s Barn
    • note found at scene indicating that Pumpernicle was involved
    • “Msrs Mortwell, Hask and Taeb. A deal has come about that I need capital for. It involves property and gold. Although I am not at liberty to divulge exact details, it will make us all rich. Come to Bradley’s Barn on Cougar Creek tonight. We can meet there to discuss our future. Signed, your Lordship.”
  • head to lumber mill murder scene
  • night foreman, Harker, and female friend, Catrine Vinder, found dead
    • find out that Catrine having secretive relationship with Harker, of which father disapproved; Vin Vinder prime suspect
  • several suspects – father, Vin, has been locked up, for his own good; mill employee who “lost it” institutionalized
    • father accused the companions of the murder
  • murder scene investigation
    • footprints found in sawdust/blood indicate someone without shoes
    • bloody axe with bits of decaying residue
    • decaying stench widespread
    • body on hook had 7-pointed star carved on it
    • some of body wounds were made by humanoid claw
    • another note – “We have spoken of this before my Master, now it beings; join the pact and it will end. Signed, your Lordship.” Same handwriting as prior letter.
  • footprints came/from to river – cannot pick up trail on opposite size
  • decide to investigate first murder at Cougar Creek
    • note – seems to indicate that the victims knew perpetrator
    • character check – known to associate with shady characters
    • neighbours not overly helpful
  • meet with father, Vin, at local jail
    • enraged given daughter has died – not helpful
  • meet with mill employee, Grayst Savila, at crazy bin
    • warden/orderlies not helpful – hiding something
    • with some finagling, able to see the mill employee – he is obviously undead
    • has a message for Pumpernicle – “He said you would visit me. His lordship, the one who unmade me. He has a place for you. I’m so jealous. He has a message for you. He made me remember it. I hope I haven’t forgotten, the master wouldn’t approve. He said you should come to the Misgivings soon, to meet the pact. For they have something wonderful to show you.”
  • he gets worked up, breaks out of straightjacket and attacks Pumpernickel
    • warden bolted to back of the room and knocks on door
    • melee ensues, more undead
A goblin's tale

The Rogue Squadron has been assigned to Heidmarch Manor to serve as an on-call Pathfinder squad for Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch. Upon returning from the days business in Magnimar, the Pathfinders spot a small goblin rummaging through their sleeping quarters in Bakrakhan House. A chase ensues when Ekkie (the goblin) leaps from the second story window, darting into the streets of Magnimar. The pathfinders race to catch her, blocking her escape just moments before she reaches the sewers.

Once captured, the pathfinders take Ekkie back to the Manor for interrogation. Initially, Ekkie tries to deceive the adventurers pretending she only speaks goblin. But as the pathfinders rifle through her belongings they come across her cage brother’s skull – Ekkie’s most sacred possession. At the sight of the skull Ekkie screams Nooooo! With the pathfinders no longer fooled and with Ekkie not having much to bargain with other than her life, she readily reveals all she knows about a group of goblin theives living in the sewers – the Nightsoil Mauraders.

She speaks of the gang and her mission to prove herself by stealing from the Pathfinders (a tribe of longshanks is how Ekkie puts it). She also mentions Versevosh who she describes as an important looking goblin with a big dangly hat who said rude things to her. Ekkie has no knowledge of the leader of the Nightsoil Marauders.

The Pathfinders hide Ekkie in a rucksack worn by Roderick as she leads them to the goblin lair. Ekkie has never been inside but she knows that the entrance is located at the Mariska Knackery. Once inside the pathinders tie ekkie up and leave her at the entrance.

Venturing inside the sewers the pathfinders spot a couple of goblin sentries playing their favourite game of rat-a-tat. In disguise as goblin and captive, Roderick and Grizzly manage to convince the sentties of their friendly intentions. The sentires even direct them around a trap hidden in the floor of the passageway.

Unaware of the trap, Foxy sneakily moves forward but is surprised when she sets off the floor trap sending her tumbling down into the pit home of a swamp mold.

Falling into the pit, attacked by the mold and pummeled with alchemist’s fire, Foxy’s predicament was grave. Luckily Grizz and Roderick managed to get a jump on the sentries defeating them just in time for Flapsey to save Molly from certain death.

A treacherous start to the adventure.

We Are the 99
Meritocracy meets aristocracy
Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
How many cultists does it take...
Of Monsters and Men
Eric falls for the cleric

Once across the Rimeflow, the travellers make the risky trek across the border at night. In a clearing they find a tiny house on stilts. The owner of the house is a Soul Doll, a construct designed by Irrisen mages to monitor their borders. The doll sneaks up on the party and attacks, but is quickly vanquished, because hey, she’s a tiny CR 1/3 creature with a single good spell and a melee attack of 1D2-2. Sheesh. The party takes her eyes.

Now over the border, the adventurers are ordered to present themselves at a remote Blackraven outpost. The outpost is manned by a skeleton crew, led by a captain Enrik Ironjaw. Unbeknownst to our heroes, the charismatic Ironjaw bears a fierce grudge against Irrisen monsters, who attacked and killed his family some years back. He is disgusted that the Blackravens would capitulate to Pathfinder wishes and allow the goblins safe passage into Linnorm Lands. Therefore, he plans to separate the goblins from their escorts and kill the little guys- and woe to any who seek to stop him.

The Freak Force arrives at the Blackraven longhouse at night. They make contact with one of the militiamen, a young buck named Grum, and decide to sleep in the barn. In the morning, the group is formally welcomed by Enrik who invites them to breakfast. More out of paranoia than any cleverness, the Freaks decide that Flapsy will guard the goblins in the barn and Gris will stand watch on the roof. Nevertheless, Ironjaw commits to his bold plan. Over the course of a few heartbeats, the militiamen strike at the separated party- Grum and “the cook” vs. Flapsy, the chaplain Mandy (a cleric of Gorum) vs. Gris, while Jareth and Roderick face down the cold steel of Ironjaw himself. In the interests of brevity, the ensuing battle is not documented blow-for-blow here- but rest assured, dear readers, it was fricken intense. In the end, a tragic love is torn asunder, the boy Grum learns that the life of a fighting man is sad and short, and Flapsy discovers the limitation of a bow in close quarters.

In the end, the party makes to Trollheim with all their charges in tow. What fate awaits the Frostfur goblins? Try not to think about it.

Thunder on the Tundra
Troll toll proves fair ferry fare

The party’s next trial comes in the form of a serious snowstorm, which forces the group to make an emergency stop. Yet from this maelstrom comes a thing a raw beauty- a snowbloom flower is found. This magical flower grows only during the worst storms and transforms into a crystal if picked; it is considered by many in Irrisen to be proof of the natural world resisting Baba Yaga’s evil magic. The party will no doubt hock the crystal for the D&D equivalent of hookers and blow.

The storm behind them, the party moves on to Harvest’s End. The appointed leader of the village is a troll named Rimetusk, who also serves as ferrymaster. At the local inn, the cleric Jareth learns from a Chelish merchant that those in the seats of power in Irrisen, the jadwiga, have come to favour Vudrani slaves. Flapsy makes contact with an undercover member of the Heralds of Summer’s Return, the resistance movement in Irrisen- but he almost blows her cover. Fortunately, faction-mate Gris manages to pass along the intended message.

The isolated location of Harvest’s End has made Rimetusk corrupt and petulant. He is at first unwilling to let the travellers cross, but diplomacy wins the day- much to the chagrin of the unruly goblins.

Everything Starts at the Beginning
The party packs their winter gear

Our story begins with a meeting between Ambrus Valsin, Venture-Captain of the Grand Lodge in Absalom, and five newly- confirmed Pathfinders. For their first mission as full-fledged Pathfinders, they are tasked with escorting a small group of goblins from a secret camp deep within Irrisen to Pathfinder operatives waiting in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. The goblins are from the Frostfur tribe and they are known to have aided Shadow Lodge members in their disruption of Pathfinder activities at a time when the faction was in open conflict with the Decemvirate. It is believed that the goblins might have additional information about rogue Shadow Lodgers that refuse to recognize a secession of hostilities between the two groups.

The trip to Irrisen is uneventful. The adventurers pick up their charges from Sverrir Lightfoot and her team, a group of Pathfinders who are well-experienced with travelling through the Witch Queen’s land undetected. They are given a map to follow: their advised route involves crossing the Rimeflow river via ferry at the village of Harvest’s End. From there they can cross into Hagreach, and eastern province of the Land of Linnorm Kings. Their final destination is Trollheim; the castellan of Trollheim and leader of the Blackraven militia, Freyr Darkwine, has promised the party safe passage through his lands.

The party’s first spot of trouble comes in the form of an ambush by members of a rival goblin tribe, the Iceteeth. They are led by a crafty shaman almost manages to kill St. Lt. Flapsy from her tower refuge. But in the end, the Pathfinders prevail, and mete out rough justice on the Iceteeth, much to the delight of the Frostfur captives.


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