Rogue Squadron

Thunder on the Tundra

Troll toll proves fair ferry fare

The party’s next trial comes in the form of a serious snowstorm, which forces the group to make an emergency stop. Yet from this maelstrom comes a thing a raw beauty- a snowbloom flower is found. This magical flower grows only during the worst storms and transforms into a crystal if picked; it is considered by many in Irrisen to be proof of the natural world resisting Baba Yaga’s evil magic. The party will no doubt hock the crystal for the D&D equivalent of hookers and blow.

The storm behind them, the party moves on to Harvest’s End. The appointed leader of the village is a troll named Rimetusk, who also serves as ferrymaster. At the local inn, the cleric Jareth learns from a Chelish merchant that those in the seats of power in Irrisen, the jadwiga, have come to favour Vudrani slaves. Flapsy makes contact with an undercover member of the Heralds of Summer’s Return, the resistance movement in Irrisen- but he almost blows her cover. Fortunately, faction-mate Gris manages to pass along the intended message.

The isolated location of Harvest’s End has made Rimetusk corrupt and petulant. He is at first unwilling to let the travellers cross, but diplomacy wins the day- much to the chagrin of the unruly goblins.


benfairster Disparlure

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