Rogue Squadron

Of Monsters and Men

Eric falls for the cleric

Once across the Rimeflow, the travellers make the risky trek across the border at night. In a clearing they find a tiny house on stilts. The owner of the house is a Soul Doll, a construct designed by Irrisen mages to monitor their borders. The doll sneaks up on the party and attacks, but is quickly vanquished, because hey, she’s a tiny CR 1/3 creature with a single good spell and a melee attack of 1D2-2. Sheesh. The party takes her eyes.

Now over the border, the adventurers are ordered to present themselves at a remote Blackraven outpost. The outpost is manned by a skeleton crew, led by a captain Enrik Ironjaw. Unbeknownst to our heroes, the charismatic Ironjaw bears a fierce grudge against Irrisen monsters, who attacked and killed his family some years back. He is disgusted that the Blackravens would capitulate to Pathfinder wishes and allow the goblins safe passage into Linnorm Lands. Therefore, he plans to separate the goblins from their escorts and kill the little guys- and woe to any who seek to stop him.

The Freak Force arrives at the Blackraven longhouse at night. They make contact with one of the militiamen, a young buck named Grum, and decide to sleep in the barn. In the morning, the group is formally welcomed by Enrik who invites them to breakfast. More out of paranoia than any cleverness, the Freaks decide that Flapsy will guard the goblins in the barn and Gris will stand watch on the roof. Nevertheless, Ironjaw commits to his bold plan. Over the course of a few heartbeats, the militiamen strike at the separated party- Grum and “the cook” vs. Flapsy, the chaplain Mandy (a cleric of Gorum) vs. Gris, while Jareth and Roderick face down the cold steel of Ironjaw himself. In the interests of brevity, the ensuing battle is not documented blow-for-blow here- but rest assured, dear readers, it was fricken intense. In the end, a tragic love is torn asunder, the boy Grum learns that the life of a fighting man is sad and short, and Flapsy discovers the limitation of a bow in close quarters.

In the end, the party makes to Trollheim with all their charges in tow. What fate awaits the Frostfur goblins? Try not to think about it.


benfairster Disparlure

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