Rogue Squadron

No Asylum at the Sanitarium

Wanted: basement apartment for mature necromancer

  • large melee, many zombies dispatched
  • Chunk follows the warden down the stairs, comes under magical attack
    • he manages to resist the effects of several spells while fighting off zombies and carrying the warden’s unconscious body to safety
  • most of the party is affected by nauseating gas that originated in the basement
  • Bernice stabilizes the warden and Grizzly uses a wand to heal him
  • the companions interrogate the orderlies, warden and Grayst
    • Grayst babbles on about the Lordship, then ‘turns’
    • Bernice came from the glassworks
    • warden and Grayst had been witness to murders
    • wizard knew of Grayst and was excited to get hands on him
    • wizard is actually a necromancer, sublets the basement from the warden; has been here for some time.
    • ask about ‘misgivings’ – it is a local landmark but the warden doesn’t know anything about it
    • inscribing of the 7 point star has something to do with the pack; the pack hangs out at the misgivings
    • haven’t seen any muddy footprints leaving the asylum
    • definitely not Grayst’s footprints that we saw at the crime scene
  • party decides to go back and confront the necromancer
    • the necromancer is long gone through backdoor
    • search his room – notice a table with slots in the leg that contains a unidentified wand
    • also find some books about necromancy in bedroom
  • party then decides to investigate the upper floors of the asylum
  • get keys to locked doors from warden
  • 10×5 cells, find old blind farmer – he knows nothing
  • top floor contains examination room
    • some sick shit in vice grips
    • locked behind iron door is a humanoid with a rat’s head
  • with warden in tow, we head back to town at night
  • rugged road, green farmlands
  • single torch ahead; it’s the Sandpoint watch
  • figure runs out of the darkness full tilt with a farmer’s hat on, crazy and rambling; recognize him from Bradly’s barn
  • tells story about the farmer community getting together at the Hamley farm to discuss the evil ongoings in area; decide to confront and many farmers getting slaughtered and eaten
    • seems he’s the only survivor; reeks like booze
  • alleges that the farmers were attacked by zombies
  • direct Sandpoint guard to get the Sherriff to deal with the remaining asylum residents while we head to Hamley’s farm
  • farmer advises that the misgivings is the ‘place up the coast’ where no one has ever been; it’s a manor house
  • on the way to Hamley’s farm, we spot a figure ahead; it is a scarecrow, but it is moving
  • Duce greets it and it whimpers
    • humanoid, appears to be crucified
  • Duce unhinges the creature who adopts fetal position
  • he pulls back burlap hood to reveal disfigured/decomposing face of a woman
  • Bernice identifies illness as an affliction cause by ghouls – ghoul fever
  • woman whimpers, “the pack will eat you”, Duce puts her out of her misery
  • continue straight through the crossroads
  • path splits and there are scarecrow shapes can be seen on either side


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