Rogue Squadron

Everything Starts at the Beginning

The party packs their winter gear

Our story begins with a meeting between Ambrus Valsin, Venture-Captain of the Grand Lodge in Absalom, and five newly- confirmed Pathfinders. For their first mission as full-fledged Pathfinders, they are tasked with escorting a small group of goblins from a secret camp deep within Irrisen to Pathfinder operatives waiting in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. The goblins are from the Frostfur tribe and they are known to have aided Shadow Lodge members in their disruption of Pathfinder activities at a time when the faction was in open conflict with the Decemvirate. It is believed that the goblins might have additional information about rogue Shadow Lodgers that refuse to recognize a secession of hostilities between the two groups.

The trip to Irrisen is uneventful. The adventurers pick up their charges from Sverrir Lightfoot and her team, a group of Pathfinders who are well-experienced with travelling through the Witch Queen’s land undetected. They are given a map to follow: their advised route involves crossing the Rimeflow river via ferry at the village of Harvest’s End. From there they can cross into Hagreach, and eastern province of the Land of Linnorm Kings. Their final destination is Trollheim; the castellan of Trollheim and leader of the Blackraven militia, Freyr Darkwine, has promised the party safe passage through his lands.

The party’s first spot of trouble comes in the form of an ambush by members of a rival goblin tribe, the Iceteeth. They are led by a crafty shaman almost manages to kill St. Lt. Flapsy from her tower refuge. But in the end, the Pathfinders prevail, and mete out rough justice on the Iceteeth, much to the delight of the Frostfur captives.


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