Rogue Squadron

A goblin's tale

The Rogue Squadron has been assigned to Heidmarch Manor to serve as an on-call Pathfinder squad for Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch. Upon returning from the days business in Magnimar, the Pathfinders spot a small goblin rummaging through their sleeping quarters in Bakrakhan House. A chase ensues when Ekkie (the goblin) leaps from the second story window, darting into the streets of Magnimar. The pathfinders race to catch her, blocking her escape just moments before she reaches the sewers.

Once captured, the pathfinders take Ekkie back to the Manor for interrogation. Initially, Ekkie tries to deceive the adventurers pretending she only speaks goblin. But as the pathfinders rifle through her belongings they come across her cage brother’s skull – Ekkie’s most sacred possession. At the sight of the skull Ekkie screams Nooooo! With the pathfinders no longer fooled and with Ekkie not having much to bargain with other than her life, she readily reveals all she knows about a group of goblin theives living in the sewers – the Nightsoil Mauraders.

She speaks of the gang and her mission to prove herself by stealing from the Pathfinders (a tribe of longshanks is how Ekkie puts it). She also mentions Versevosh who she describes as an important looking goblin with a big dangly hat who said rude things to her. Ekkie has no knowledge of the leader of the Nightsoil Marauders.

The Pathfinders hide Ekkie in a rucksack worn by Roderick as she leads them to the goblin lair. Ekkie has never been inside but she knows that the entrance is located at the Mariska Knackery. Once inside the pathinders tie ekkie up and leave her at the entrance.

Venturing inside the sewers the pathfinders spot a couple of goblin sentries playing their favourite game of rat-a-tat. In disguise as goblin and captive, Roderick and Grizzly manage to convince the sentties of their friendly intentions. The sentires even direct them around a trap hidden in the floor of the passageway.

Unaware of the trap, Foxy sneakily moves forward but is surprised when she sets off the floor trap sending her tumbling down into the pit home of a swamp mold.

Falling into the pit, attacked by the mold and pummeled with alchemist’s fire, Foxy’s predicament was grave. Luckily Grizz and Roderick managed to get a jump on the sentries defeating them just in time for Flapsey to save Molly from certain death.

A treacherous start to the adventure.


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